Great Learning Starts with Great Relationships
August 28, 2015

As summer nears its end and schools are getting ready to roll, I have been reading a lot about powerful and effective teachers. The teachers that students remember most are those with whom they have made a connection, a bond, a friendship. They remember the teachers that took an interest in them, those who demonstrated genuine care. Not only is that relationship important for emotional well-being, but when there is trust and respect, students are more willing to take academic risks and give their best effort.

The teachers at Harbor, while busy setting up classrooms and preparing lessons, are also readying their minds and souls. We have been practicing ways in which to understand our own emotions better, so that we can help our students better understand theirs. We are developing stronger listening skills to build even better relationships with each student. We are dedicating our time to becoming even better teachers (is that even possible?).

At Harbor, we strive to provide an educational experience that serves each child. Your child is unique, and at Harbor so is his or her education. But at the heart of it all is that special bond between teacher and student. I can remember those special teachers I had, not because I learned to read poetry or design a science experiment...but because those teachers showed a sincere interest in my learning. I mattered to them. Each of your children matters to us! The teachers here at The Harbor School are looking forward to welcoming your wonderful children back to school...and we cannot wait to build relationships that will help propel learning and growth!

Harbor School