Welcome from the Head of School

The Harbor School is, simply put, an extraordinary place to learn and grow. True to our mission, we embrace the uniqueness of each child and tailor teaching and learning to students as multifaceted individuals. With this focus in mind, we keep our classes purposefully small; in our classrooms, two experienced teachers nurture and challenge children through the key developmental stages of age 2 through grade 2.

Walking through the doors at Harbor, it’s impossible not to feel the spirit of inquiry and the excitement of active engagement in learning. Teachers and students connect with one another and with meaningful content, knowledge, and skills, building understandings through rich experiences. There is a distinctive and joyful buzz of learning in each classroom. It pulls you in.

Harbor’s innovative program focuses on the fundamental building blocks of excellent early childhood education. Our hands-on, active, inquiry-based approach promotes children’s natural curiosity and guides students to make connections across disciplines. Purposeful attention is given to the academic, social, and physical dimensions of child development during each essential stage of growth. Under our care and guidance, our students learn to be collaborative, creative, and confident learners.

Harbor’s excellent faculty and staff bring rich teaching experience and a commitment to professional growth. They are experts in their field and understand that a teacher’s relationships with their students is the ultimate tool in creating a positive, safe environment where students take risks in their learning. Respect and deep care for students as unique individuals, as well as celebrating our diversity as a community, are fundamental to who we are.

Every day at Harbor begins with a smile and a special greeting for every child. Kindness and compassion are integral to the culture here, and is felt in the presence of students, teachers, administration, and parents. Everyone at Harbor knows each other, supports one another, and truly cares about the well-being and success of the children. It truly is a magical place.

I welcome you to come and take a tour with us – and experience the magic for yourself!


Leah Musico

Harbor's building is closed, but Distance Learning began Monday, March 16.Read more here.
Harbor School