Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to The Harbor School, a truly special place where relationships are important, students are recognized as unique individuals with a voice that deserves to be heard, and each child’s academic, social/emotional, and physical learning is nurtured and developed.

Harbor’s innovative program focuses on the fundamental building blocks of excellent early childhood education. Our hands-on, active, inquiry-based approach promotes children’s natural curiosity and guides students to make connections across disciplines. Teachers give purposeful attention to the academic, social, and physical dimensions of child development during each essential stage of growth. Under our expert faculty’s care and guidance, our students learn to be collaborative, creative, and confident learners.

Being an intentionally small learning community, with small class sizes and low student to teacher ratios, has always been essential to our mission.

Our small size has never been more important. As a small school, we were able to adapt to changing circumstances and the many challenges that the past two years have brought us all. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we are proud that our strong preventative and response protocols enabled us prioritize in-person learning while keeping our community safe. In fact, we were one of the few schools to open five days a week beginning on the first day of school in 2020-21 – and throughout the last two school years, our protocols proved effective. The few times when positive cases entered the building, they were quickly caught and subsequent quarantines and testing were conducted; in all but one possible case, there was no transmission of the virus.

Whether wearing a mask or not, it’s impossible not to feel the spirit of inquiry and the excitement of active engagement in learning when walking through the doors at Harbor . Teachers and students connect with one another and with meaningful content, knowledge, and skills, learning through rich, hands-on experiences. There is a distinctive and joyful buzz of learning in each classroom. 

Our excellent faculty and staff, including two educators in each classroom and specialists in art, music, PE, Spanish, and yoga and mindfulness – and new this year, a Learning and Literacy Specialist – bring rich teaching experience and a commitment to professional growth. They are experts in their field and understand that a teacher’s relationships with their students is the ultimate tool in creating a positive, safe environment where students take risks in their learning. Respect and deep care for students as unique individuals, as well as celebrating our diversity as a community, are fundamental to who we are.

Kindness and compassion are integral to the culture here, and is felt in the presence of students, teachers, administration, and parents. Everyone at Harbor knows each other, supports one another, and truly cares about the well-being and success of the children. In our recent self-study for re-accreditation, this close-knit, warm, and engaged community was highlighted as a strength that sets us apart. Harbor truly is a magical place.

We look forward to sharing more about our dynamic program, and to getting to know your family! Visit our admissions page and schedule a time to meet us!


Leah Musico

Harbor School