Calvin was a friend to all at Harbor, as a daily presence in our lives at school and a palpable support to Harbor students, for ten years, 2012-2022. Calvin’s presence set a tone for each day and embodied our school’s nurturing and warm approach to education, and our focus on social/emotional development. Our dear friend and school dog Calvin passed away in June, 2022. His absence will be deeply felt by our entire community.

Calvin was 12 years old and had a life full of play, hikes, and snuggles. He had an uncanny ability to recognize when someone could use his support, and would quietly approach and connect with that person, providing comfort always at just the right time. As a presence in every classroom and a friend to all who came through our doors, he was there for students when they needed a little extra encouragement or as a motivation to earn “Calvin time”. We hear often from current and alumni students alike about the impact Calvin had on their Harbor experience, as they’ve shared memories and anecdotes about their interactions with Calvin.

For current and recent families whose children will be missing Calvin, we have compiled some resources to support you when you share this sad news with your children. You may want to watch his Great Day Washington piece from 2019, linked below, or look at his many school photos, as you help them process this loss.

We send care and love to our Harbor students, alumni students, parents, and teachers – and especially to Andrea – as we remember our friend.

*Watch Calvin’s TV debut on WUSA 9’s Great Day Washington to hear more about his essential role at Harbor!

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