Mathematical concepts and skills acquired in early childhood set a foundation for future mathematics mastery. Children realize at a young age that we use math not only to complete basic tasks like taking attendance and measuring for a recipe, but to solve problems and make sense of the world around us.

Our Preschool math curriculum promotes the development of mathematical understandings as our Preschoolers sort, categorize, pattern and count. Teachers model and guide the development of one-to-one correspondence and number sense using daily routines like the calendar and attendance, and with manipulatives, games, and songs.


As children progress through Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten, they develop conceptual understandings and begin to acquire an inventory of mathematical ideas and strategies. Everyday Mathematics provides the spiraling scope and sequence of math instruction in the primary grades and is supplemented with contextual math investigations developed by Contexts for Learning and individualized reinforcement of skills on Dreambox Learning.

1st through 3rd Graders work through a combination of minilessons, investigations, and hands on activities to strengthen their foundational skills and strategies while also achieving deeper understandings of place value, operations, and number properties as they progress into early algebra.

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