Meet Our Trustees

The Harbor School has a governing Board of Trustees responsible for overseeing the business of the School. The Board sets long-term policy and ensures the financial health of the School. The Board is composed of parents of current and former students, professional educators, and other individuals who volunteer their time, energy and talents to The Harbor School.

  • Suzanne Miyamoto

    Chair (current parent)

  • Eileen Pennington

    Vice-Chair (alumni parent)

  • Matthew Grabler

    Treasurer (current parent)

  • Randi Chapman

    Secretary (alumni parent)

Oliver Baron (current parent) 
Natasha Bhalla (outside educator)
Lauren Collogan (current parent)
Jamie Danielson (former faculty)
Andrea Dugas (current parent)
Lauren Freundlich (current parent)
Mark Giragosian (current parent)
Matt Grabler (alumni parent)

Shivonne Foster Jones (current parent)
Suzanne Miyamoto (alumni parent) 
Leah Musico (ex officio)
Zeynep Orhan (current parent)

Melanie Pellegrini, PA President (current parent)
Eileen Pennington (alumni parent)

Naomi Senkeeto (current parent) 
Vik Uberoi (current parent) 

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