The Harbor School’s core strength is its outstanding faculty. We are trained in early childhood education, we love children, and we are committed to inspiring our students to be active, creative and confident lifelong learners.

We recognize that these early years at Harbor are when your children are discovering and developing their individual learning styles. Our mission reflects this responsibility: We embrace the uniqueness of each young child, and we teach our students to celebrate it in themselves and each other.

We offer each student differentiated instruction and individualized attention. We accomplish this by keeping our class size small, with two experienced and loving teachers in each classroom. We tailor the multi-sensory, hands-on curriculum to individual learners. We encourage, demonstrate, and provide instruction for pro-active socially responsible interaction with teachers and fellow students.

To further cultivate our students’ creativity and self-expression, we have teaching specialists offering outstanding instruction in art, dance, music, world language, library education, and physical education.

Additionally, The Harbor School recognizes and supports ongoing professional development for our faculty to keep aware of best practices and educational research boosting student confidence and achievement.

All our students have daily conferences with their teachers, and teachers regularly communicate with parents about the academic and social progress of each student. Here at Harbor, the parent-teacher relationship is just as important as the student-teacher relationship. Your child – and your family – will never get lost in the crowd here at Harbor.

  • Number of Faculty/Staff

  • Faculty with Advanced Degrees

  • Faculty Teaching Experience (average)

  • Faculty Tenure at Harbor (average)

  • Faculty dedicated to early childhood education

Faculty Directory
  • Jo Chang

    1st/2nd Grade

  • Maria Cohen

    1st/2nd Grade, Extended Day Coordinator

  • Seth Fangboner


  • Alisa Harris

    1st/2nd Grade

  • Kristina Harsanyi

    Director of Marketing

  • Jasmina Hinton


  • Briana Moreno

    Art Teacher

  • Leah Musico

    Head of School

  • Debbi Nichols


  • Dana Riley

    Business Officer

  • Diego Urresty


  • Nannan Wang

    Preschool, Extended Day

  • Yuki Wilson


  • Andrea Zuraf

    Assistant Head of School & Director of Admissions

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