Our Mission

The Harbor School embraces the uniqueness of each young child, and we teach our students to celebrate it in themselves and each other.

Our small classes focus exclusively on Preschool through 2nd Grade, when our children are discovering and developing their individual learning styles.

Our curriculum integrates academic, social emotional, and physical skill development and prepares each child to graduate from our safe harbor as a confident, kind, and capable learner.

Our Program

Early childhood education has been our specialty at The Harbor School since 1973, and we take this responsibility seriously. The early childhood years, ages two-eight, are a critical developmental stage that forms the foundation of a child’s future growth and advancement.

We educate each child as a unique learner with differentiated instruction and individualized attention so that your child can develop and thrive to reach their fullest potential. We accomplish this with dynamic, experienced teachers in every classroom and a curriculum that increases in rigor, individual responsibility and social awareness over the course of a child’s time at Harbor.

To meet the development needs of the whole child, our program has three key components: academic, social emotional, and physical.

Academic Curriculum

Our academic curriculum is both intellectually challenging and individually responsive to your child's developing learning style. We know that young children learn differently: some learn by seeing, some learn by listening, some learn by doing. Working one-on-one with students, our faculty can identify, adapt, and respond to their diverse learning styles.

Social Emotional Curriculum

Our social emotional curriculum informs a child’s evolving understanding for community, beginning in the early years with identity and friendship, and expanding to encompass the larger school community, care for our world, and service to others. This curriculum is guided by the Harbor School Pledge: "I will work hard, I will be kind, I will be mindful."

Physical Skill Curriculum

Our physical skill curriculum builds both gross motor and fine motor skills. Our exceptional physical education facilities allow us to fully integrate movement, coordination, and cooperative play, and to develop confidence and sportsmanship. Through daily activities, including the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, we build the fine motor skills necessary for success in prewriting and writing tasks.

We know that early childhood education is a partnership, and we pride ourselves on the close and accessible relationships we foster with all our families. We work as a team with our families at every stage in a child’s development to shape their child's educational journey. Our enduring reputation with local independent and public schools allows us to help find the best next fit for our graduates.

Limited Spots Available for the 2021-22 School Year. Contact Admissions to learn more!
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