At Harbor, science is hands-on, integrated, and fun. Children are encouraged to observe, investigate, hypothesize, and draw conclusions through meaningful explorations and experiments.

In Preschool, science is a part of the thematic approach. Children learn about the seasons, weather, plants, animal behavior and habitats. While cooking, making play dough and using the sensory table, Preschoolers investigate states of matter.


This approach continues in Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten, where children study life cycles of plants and animals, the water cycle, and continue exploring states of matter.

1st and 2nd Graders are encouraged to take risks and solve problems through the scientific process and hands-on exploration. They explore seeds and plant parts, worms and composting, insect metamorphosis, magnets and electricity and also tackle STEM challenges presented in a problem based learning environment. Technology is incorporated as students learn computer components and functions, Lego robotics, and Scratch programming.

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