Priceless Memories
January 7, 2016

Happy New Year! It is truly a delight to be back at Harbor, surrounded by happy children. We hit the ground running, fully expecting a period of re-adjustment, but have been pleasantly surprised by how well the children (and teachers) have jumped right back in to the school schedule.

With a new year, there comes the opportunity to start fresh - hence our various New Year’s Resolutions. My resolution this year is a simple one. I have learned that when I make grand resolutions, I only set myself up for failure. This year, I vow to spend more quality time with my family. As many of you know, I spent two weeks over the winter break in Kenya with my brother and his family. After some time in Nairobi at their home, we flew to the coast for a week at the beach. After all of that planning, preparation, and frankly, money, my children spent the majority of their time at the pool. The POOL. My husband and I were a little disappointed that we’d traveled so far from home for a swimming pool. However, the main objective of our trip was to meet my new niece – a bubbly, happy, 18 month-old Kenyan baby that my brother is in the process of adopting. We certainly accomplished that goal and along with dozens of logged pool hours, my children have precious memories of playing with their new cousin. Many of those hours were of spent with her in the pool, actually…

Life is not, and cannot be only about tangible experiences. Yes, we are blessed to have been able to travel to Africa for the holidays, but more importantly, we spent so much quality time with our family. I don’t know how many months will go by before we see them again, so whatever resources and effort it took to get to Kenya, it was worth it.

As we all embark on our new beginnings, please remember that the quality time you spend with your children is worth so much more than gifts, toys, and trips. This week, when we Skyped with my niece and she squealed with delight when she saw my children, lighting up their eyes and faces with pure joy, I was reminded that the memories we made were priceless.

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