Heart and Soul
January 21, 2016

Over the past few months, my family and I have been house hunting.  Nothing serious, and certainly not in any hurry, but attending Open Houses and considering our options.  Each house that we have visited has fallen short on at least one major aspect.  We have spent many hours talking about what our priorities are, be it the neighborhood, the commute to work and school, the house size, the house style, storage, or the backyard.  We are taking our time to find the one that meets our stringent criteria.

One house in particular was close to perfect for us, in size and style.  Unfortunately, the neighborhood did not feel right.  I could not imagine myself taking walks with the dog, or enjoying the outdoors with my children.  One of our top criteria is that we feel good in the home.  It may need new bathrooms or windows or some landscaping work…that we can live with.  But the ambience of the home, yard, and the neighborhood is harder to change.

Similar to finding the right school for your child and your family, the house not only has to meet certain criteria, but also has to feel like “home.”  Over the past several months, as we have progressed through admissions season, many families have commented that Harbor felt “right” to them.  Not only are our visitors welcomed by a warm, comfortable atmosphere, they are also greeted by friendly, smiling teachers and parents, and engaged, enthusiastic children.  

Many of the classrooms’ jobs include “class ambassador,” whose responsibilities include greeting visitors, showing them around the classroom, and explaining what the students are currently working on.  There is never a prouder moment for me when a young child confidently and animatedly talks about readers’ workshop, or a science experiment.  

I am sure that these types of interactions at Harbor were what drew you here, as well.   The brick and mortar is nice, but the heart and soul are essential.  

Harbor School