We’ve Got Spirit!
October 13, 2016

“Teachers don’t wear pajamas!” was a line I heard a few times on Wednesday. This week was Spirit Week, and my favorite day is always Pajama Day so of course I wore pajamas! What child (or adult for that matter) doesn’t enjoy spending the day in comfy jammies? What a spirited week this has been. On Tuesday’s Sports Team Day, children wore the jerseys of professional football players, Nationals t-shirts and hats, or their own basketball uniforms. Even Mrs. Riley wore an Ohio State team sweatshirt. On Wednesday, we happily donned our pjs. Mrs. Forage wore slippers. Why didn’t I think of that??

Thursday was Dress like a Pirate (or princess) in anticipation of our Bookaneer Book Fair in November! Did you see Mrs. K, Mr. Fangboner, or Ms. Kiernan? We had a school full of friendly pirates! Tomorrow is Harbor Day, so you bet I will be wearing my new light blue Harbor logoed long-sleeved shirt. Spirit Week’s culminating event is the Smokey Glen Picnic on Saturday, where we will eat delicious food, get tattoos, and jump in bouncy houses (I may get a tattoo but will definitely pass on the bouncy houses).

What I love most about this week is the obvious school spirit that emanates through the hallways. It just solidifies the sentiment that this school is a special place, where children happily run in each morning and spend their days engaged, excited, and proud to be a part of this amazing community. We’ve got spirit, yes we do!

Harbor School