Weekends with Morrie
November 10, 2016

As much time as we all spend together within these walls, I realize that unless you have experienced a particular grade level, you would not know about all of the wonderful activities that go on each year! I would like to start showcasing special moments or projects in the school, giving each of you a glimpse into the magic that happens here.

This week, I proudly spotlight Weekends with Morrie in Kindergarten. Actually, this special weekend project used to be shared with Buster, but Buster was gifted to one of our graduates last year. The tradition continued this year with Morrie the Monkey, and the assignment is to document fun weekend events and activities. On Monday mornings, one lucky Kindergartner arrives with a poster filled with photographs of Morrie at dinner, Morrie ice skating, Morrie on a moonbounce, Morrie on an airplane, Morrie at the beach…Ms. Nichols said, “I should have Morrie’s social life!”

This tradition started over 20 years ago, when Ms. Nichols introduced the weekend project to her class. The children get very excited about their weekend with Morrie, and while for them, it is perceived only as a fun activity, it is also a great learning experience. It encourages public speaking and language development. It teaches children to be patient (some children wait weeks to get their turn with Morrie!), and every child gets their moment to shine, as all of the children love hearing about Morrie’s weekend escapades.

These special posters hang in the hallway outside the Kindergarten classroom. Come by and see what magical moments Morrie has spent with his Kindergarten friends. One weekend, even I will have the pleasure of taking Morrie home with me – and eagerly look forward to sharing our adventures!

Harbor School