Book Fair Extravaganza
November 17, 2016

What an amazing evening last night at the Book Fair and Pirate PJ Party! The gym was filled with books, delicious food, and happy families. While the evening progressed flawlessly, and so smoothly, I remain in awe of the many volunteers who made it so. A huge shout out goes to Jessica Horwitz, our book fair chair, and her fleet of tireless volunteers, who have been working on the details for months. From the bake sale, to the books, to the PJ Party, and even the raffles – everybody enjoyed a wonderful evening out with friends, supporting Harbor.

Our many childcare volunteers entertained the children, while parents sipped wine and shopped. What could be better? I spotted one child crying toward the end of the evening, and worried, stopping to ask if all was okay. It turns out he was crying because he didn’t want to leave. He wasn’t the only one! An alumni’s mom commented that there is “nothing like this”, referring to the camaraderie emanating throughout the gym, at her son’s current school. She said she missed the warmth of Harbor’s caring community. These two particular moments, and several others throughout the night, confirmed for me how wonderful the Harbor community truly is.

Even as I sit here today, reflecting on the success of our book fair, volunteers are here cleaning up, laughing, and debriefing in preparing for next year! So, a thousand thank yous to all of our incredible volunteers, our families, our vendors, and our children…what a strong and supportive village we live in!

Harbor School