Report Cards
February 2, 2017

Tomorrow, you will be receiving instructions on how to access your child’s report card via our Parent Portal. This time of the year can sometimes be met with anxious anticipation. Please do not let it be so. Nothing that is written in the report should come as a surprise to you. Teachers and parents openly communicate throughout the school year (because a lot happens, developmentally, that cannot be captured in two report cards a year!)

To be sure that everybody understands the layout, nature, and purpose of our report cards, here are some important things to know/remember:

  • These report cards are comprehensive, containing information from each class your child attends, and several subjects within the homeroom class. You will find a developmentally appropriate amount of information for your child’s age.
  • This is a summary of your child’s progress throughout the first semester. Report cards are designed to provide a progress update on what accomplishments have been made, and where students have been successful with the support of teachers, and how students’ learning journeys will continue.
  • Each year, the objectives for classes and subjects can change. The children are growing, so, for example, the expectations for Kindergarten are different from preschool. Our goal is to have children meeting expectations in these areas by the end of the school year. Even if the written goals have not changed, the expectations do shift, as the children develop.
  • If you have questions or concerns about anything you read in the report card, please schedule a time to meet with the classroom teachers – they are happy to explain if something is unclear.

As always, it is a pleasure working with your children each day.

Harbor School