Spiral Curriculum
March 9, 2017

At Harbor, we inspire joy in learning through our active, purposeful, and hands-on curriculum.  A perfect example is Harbor’s unique Spiral Curriculum, one of the hallmarks of our program.  It begins with choosing an area of focus driven by the students’ interests.  Teachers gather resources, set learning goals, and let the children take it away.  Topics are introduced to fuel curiosity, discussion, and action, tailoring lessons to keep children engaged and engrossed in learning.  Remembering last year’s Spiral Night, I was inspired by not only the products of all the hard work, but by the joy I saw in the children's (and teachers') faces.  This year's topic, Planet Earth, has already brought joy...and will surely bring more.  Please mark your calendars for March 23rd and join us for Spiral Night.  The transformation of the school and the display of work will most definitely bring you joy.  Make sure YOU bring your camera!

In March 23rd’s edition of Harbor Highlights, we will provide a sneak peek of what you will see that evening.  For now, I will leave you with the broad topics – make sure to ask your children what they have learned!

Preschool 3s – Rainforest

Preschool 4s – Tanzania

Junior Kindergarten – Arctic

Kindergarten – Oceans and Ocean Life

1st Grade –  biomes around the world

2nd Grade – biomes around the world

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