Spiral Night
March 23, 2017

Spiral Night and Spring Break…both a wonderful (and not so wonderful) combination.  It is wonderful because after working so, so hard to prepare for this evening’s Spiral Night, our teachers and students could all use a bit of a break!  It is not-so-wonderful because we are on a roll!  After delving into deep topics, integrating our study of Planet Earth into reading, science, art, and more, we don’t want to stop!

Tonight, we will introduce you to our Spiral museum, where your jaws will drop and your minds will be blown.  I kid you not.  As I wandered into the classrooms today, I was absolutely amazed by what I was seeing.  The Preschool 3s traveled by “bus” through the rainforest and used their “binoculars” to spot animals all around the classroom. The 2nd graders worked individually, or in small groups, to test hypotheses about their biomes.  For example, why can sharks float?  Come and find out! 

Around the world in 80 days?  Nah!  You can travel around the world at Harbor’s Spiral Night in about 80 minutes!  After investigating each classroom, please join us at 7:15 in the gym for a sweet treat.  The children and Mrs. Wilson have also prepared another special surprise for you at 7:35.  We look forward to showing you our unique studies of Planet Earth

Harbor School