Our Village
April 13, 2017

Warning: This blog entry is going to be sappy.  As with many of my entries, my thoughts and ideas come from real-life experiences.  This past week, I have been bombarded with experiences that have shown me just how incredibly supportive and loving our Harbor community is.  During Spring Break I came down with shingles.  Yes – shingles.  I took the obligatory several days off, to protect everyone from my virus, and to recuperate.  All in all, not a thrilling experience.

Earlier this week, I eased myself back into the school routine, taking many breaks along the way.  On Wednesday morning, I missed morning carpool, but was later asked by one of the students (who I normally greet and walk with into school), “Are you feeling better today?”  Her adorable preschool face displayed love, care, and genuine concern.  My physical health aside, I certainly felt my emotional spirit soaring at that moment.   This morning as we walked into the building together, she stopped, looked up into my eyes, and asked, “Today, do you feel a little better or a lot better?”  Choking back tears, I replied, “Today I feel a lot better.  Also, you just made me feel so loved just by asking.  Thank you.”  We held hands and entered this loving, caring community of a school together.

Thank you for being a part of the glue that holds us all together.  As I have said again and again, our Harbor School village is strong.

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