See you at Space Disco!
April 27, 2017

The Harbor School community never fails to astound me.  From the thoughtful children (e.g. my post from two weeks ago, “Are you feeling better today?”) to the dedicated teachers, and supportive families, I sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.  Overly-dramatic?  Perhaps.  How lucky I feel to work in an environment of kind, caring, thoughtful people dedicated to the education and care of our students!

For the past many, many months, our auction committee, led by our groovy chairs, Amanda Posner and Elizabeth Pal, have been working tirelessly to prepare for tomorrow evening’s big gala, Space Disco!  It is hard to fathom the amount of effort (and passion for a good party) it takes to pull off an event of this size and importance.

This special event is a great opportunity to not only have fun with friends and win some fabulous items, but to give back to Harbor.  Why give?  Quite simply, what you give, you get back.  The funds raised through the auction go toward what makes Harbor a unique place: our small class sizes, our talented teachers, our beautiful playground, thoughtful professional development, community events, and much, much more.

For those of you attending the auction tomorrow night, I will see you there…with my dancing shoes and bid card ready!

ADMISSIONS OPEN HOUSE: Wednesday, January 17, 9:00AMEmail to RSVP
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