Emotional Labor
May 18, 2017

Today has been an activity-filled day.  Resulting from our highly successful auction last month and the ensuing bidding wars, we had a guest Head of School for the Day AND Police Officer Janney of the MCPD escorted one lucky student to school!  I can promise you that my morning was much more exciting than most.  Children were absolutely beaming.  Oh, and did I mention that we started the school day with an all-school dance party, courtesy of our guest Head of School?

I borrow the following piece from Seth Godin, best-selling author and all-around insightful guy:

Emotional labor

That's the labor most of us do now. The work of doing what we don't necessarily feel like doing, the work of being a professional, the work of engaging with others in a way that leads to the best long-term outcome.

The emotional labor of listening when we'd rather yell.

The emotional labor of working with someone instead of firing them.

The emotional labor of seeking out facts and insights that we don't (yet) agree with.

The emotional labor of being prepared.

Of course it's difficult. That's precisely why it's valuable. Sometimes, knowing that it's our job—the way we create value—helps us pause a second and decide to do the difficult work.

Almost no one gets hired to eat a slice of chocolate cake.

Well, here’s my little secret. I often DO get to eat chocolate cake, because my job surrounds me with happy children who still celebrate life’s wonders, like birthdays and teachers and each other.

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