Confident Children
May 25, 2017

For those of you who were able to make it to last night’s first annual Harbor’s Got Talent event, you will be nodding while reading these words.  We were absolutely blown away by the talent wrapped up in these small children.  While the level and variety of talent was impressive, what stood out to me even more was the confidence with which these children performed.  As one parent commented to me, “I was initially skeptical, but this is amazing!”  I anticipated some stage fright, some refusal to even get on stage, some tears even…but there was none of that.  What we were graced with was two dozen performances by poised, self-assured children.  

I often talk about how Harbor builds confidence in its students, how we support and guide children, celebrate them, and nudge them upwards and outwards.  I think last night was a perfect example of how Harbor has fostered confidence.  The message that is woven through each and every relationship at Harbor is that we love you, we support you, and we will be there for you.  You can do it!

I hope you will all come see our End-of-Year Musical on June 2. Each year, we have an End-of-Year Program showcasing the musical talents of the entire school.  This year, for the first time ever, our program will be a musical called “Oceans of Fun”.  Get ready for more singing, dancing, and not least of all, confident children!

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