Herding Cats
June 1, 2017

This morning 75 children rehearsed together for our End-of-Year Musical, Oceans of Fun.  Ms. Cantore (preschools 3s) always laughs when I describe the early months of the preschool classroom as being like “herding cats.”  Adorable but all with minds of their own!  It would have amazed even the most experienced cat herder to have seen our children practicing on the stage this morning.  Smiling, confident, eager, and proud.  Our children are coming together as a school to wow you tomorrow. 

Oh, and while watching your beautiful children, pay no attention to the many men and women behind the curtain (Wizard of Oz reference, in case you missed it!)…without whom the cat herding would not be possible!

Following the musical, we will see everyone at the Carnival.  The weather promises to be sunny and warm, the activities boundless, the food plentiful, and the fun…well, it would be hard to not have fun!  Imagine a space filled with cute cats and every cat toy imaginable!  I, myself, am allergic to cats, but luckily not to the human kind.

Harbor School