The Harbor Fund: 100×100
October 5, 2017

100% Participation + 100 Acts of Kindness

The Harbor School is rooted in community. As we strive to meet the developmental needs of the whole child -- academic, social emotional, and physical -- we also strive to create a community for the whole family. Just like each child at Harbor is a unique learner, we believe that every family at Harbor has something unique to bring to our community.

100% Participation
That's why this year, we are kicking off The Harbor Fund by inviting every family to consider what unique contribution you can make so that we can collectively continue to enhance our children’s education. The Harbor Fund support our creative and performing arts, technology and library programs, as well as curriculum enhancements, facility upgrades, and professional development opportunities for faculty and staff -- it’s what allows us to continue to offer the experiences that translate into the stories our children tell and the projects that they are proud to display. While each family considers how we might get to 100% participation within the first 100 days of school, each of our children are doing the same.

100 Acts of Kindness
Because our community is stronger when we are all fully engaged, the children are also working toward their own goal to enhance the school experience for one another! Each of our classrooms is aiming to complete 100 acts of kindness within the first 100 days of school. On the 100th day of school, they will celebrate their success with their class and look back on all the ways they contributed to the school community.

Getting to 100
Over the next few months, we’ll do our part to keep you updated on our collective progress -- keep an eye on Harbor Highlights 100x100 in addition to visual markers in the lobby. And although we’re sure the kids will fill you in on their acts of kindness, we’ll also do our part to give you glimpses at some of the ways the children are living the school pledge: "I will work hard, I will be kind, I will be mindful."

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We know that The Harbor School would not be what it is without the people who walk through the halls each week, especially the littlest of us, and we’re grateful to work toward this goal alongside you.

Let’s Get to 100%

Harbor School