The Harbor Bus is Out and About!
October 19, 2017

This month, all of our classes have taken, or are about to take, their first field trip of the school year. This week, first graders attended a performance at Imagination Stage, Junior Kindergarten went to Homestead Farm, and Kindergarten went to Green Meadows Farm. The children returned to school tired, but excited to share stories of their adventures. One first grader helped the onstage performers translate a word into Spanish -”escuela” - making us (and himself) so proud! The kindergarteners boasted that they attended a pig race, milked a cow, and saw a baby kangaroo, believe it or not! JK shared my love of the goats at Homestead Farm and the pumpkins that they picked in the patch are now displayed in their classroom.

At The Harbor School, we know that children are innately curious and learn best when they are actively engaged in hands-on experiences. Don’t we all? Our teachers carefully design lessons that allow students to actively learn by doing, rather than passively listening and watching. When immersed in authentic experiences, students are highly motivated learners, making memorable, meaningful connections.

Whenever possible, we take children on field trips that build upon classroom instruction. Harbor students have met renowned authors at our favorite bookstore, Politics and Prose, and attended musical and theatrical productions at nearby theatres, even the Kennedy Center. They have studied and sketched priceless works of art at the National Gallery, and have toured the US Capitol. The most memorable outings are those that include more active hands-on experiences, like going to the farm to pet the animals and pick apples and pumpkins, conducting water ecology experiments aboard a historic vessel on the Anacostia, and working as a team to conquer a ropes course.

Next week, the preschoolers are heading to Green Meadows, and first and second grade are visiting The Bullis School for their annual children’s concert. We can’t wait to hear all about it!


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