November 16, 2017

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching (How is it already mid-November???), we often take time to reflect on everything we are thankful for, while trying not to stress about travel and meal plans, of course. This is a tradition for many families- we go around the dinner table, sharing all that we have to be thankful for with our family and friends, and then we dig into the feast!

We have a similar practice at Harbor - we begin every faculty meeting with “shout-outs,” where we acknowledge each other’s efforts and thank other staff members for their help or support. “Thank you for stepping in the other day, when you could tell I needed some help,” “Thank you for helping me hang that poster that was out of my reach,” “Thank you for all of the work you put into this event.” At the end of a long week, this sharing of appreciation and gratitude is restorative.

In the midst of all the activity at Harbor leading up to Thanksgiving and Grandparents Day, I have been reminding myself to slow down at least for a couple of minutes, to enjoy and appreciate those special “small moments” that occur throughout the day here, and to say “Thank You,” as often as I can.

Please indulge me, as I list some here:

THANK YOU First and Second graders, for making us so proud as you represented Harbor School so well at Politics and Prose this morning.

THANK YOU, Kindergarteners, for your outstanding performance of Caps for Sale at this week’s All School Meeting!

THANK YOU, Preschool 3s, for making kindness necklaces to share with your Harbor friends!

THANK YOU, Preschool 4s, for sharing your fresh baked bread with me!

THANK YOU, JK, for the joyful singing I get to hear every day.

THANK YOU, Harbor parents, for your time and talents that you contribute to Harbor every day.

THANK YOU, teachers and staff, for working so hard to provide a unique learning experience for every Harbor student!

Harbor School