100 Days Kinder
February 14, 2018

Yesterday marked a very important milestone in the life of an early childhood school - the 100th Day! Our classes have been counting each day of school, some with straws, some with cups, some with pom poms, some with tallies. While we are marking our growth and progress as learners and individuals in the classroom, we are practicing fundamental math concepts and skills - one to one correspondence, counting and cardinality, and place value - as we strive to and beyond 100.

This year, we presented a challenge to all classes to also strive for 100 acts of kindness, or as one three year old announced at yesterday’s All School Meeting, “We did 100 kinds of actness!” Each class shared their total counts yesterday, and every class reached or exceeded 100! We took time to share examples of kind acts, and applauded all efforts. We closed the celebration the best way we could, with a dance party!

I would also like to acknowledge and applaud our community of families, who were also presented with a challenge to reach 100% participation in the Harbor Fund. We are thrilled to say that we broke our participation record and are currently at 82%, and have raised 87% of our goal. This is a testament to our kind, caring, and engaged school community. Thank you for everything you do for our school.

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