December 13, 2018

Dear Harbor Families,

In the spirit of a season of giving, I write you today with the gift of your kids. As my grandma used to say, "kids say the darndest things". I thought it would be fun to hear from the kids themselves about what it's like to learn at The Harbor School. Here are a few highlights from our conversations.

  • I like that others will be kind and I can make new friends.
  • The playground. I like the climbing wall the best.
  • It has cool enrichments.
  • We have a lot of jobs in every classroom so kids can know what it feels like when they're older.
  • Calvin!
  • Visiting you in your office and the administration office!
  • Are we going to fit in a third grade? I'd really like that.
  • What I love about art class is those centers and my favorite one is printmaking.
  • Buddy reading is really nice.
  • Working hard and being kind and being safe and showing whole body listening.
  • I like having mindfulness with Ms. Zuraf.
  • The Makerspace is actually pretty fun. You can build stuff.
  • We donate things to hospitals and other places.
  • We learn. I learn about space.
  • The lunch.
  • I like being the messenger in morning meetings.
  • I like to use the 3D printer and Tinkercad to build things.
  • Today we were next door at the JK and we read them a book.
  • Everything!

What insightful sentiments from our students!

Warm regards,


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