March 26, 2020

Dear Harbor Families,

Do the next right thing. Borrowed from a song Anna sings in Frozen 2, this has kind of been my mantra in these past few weeks. 

In an uncertain and frightening time, it's hard to know exactly what "the next right thing" is, day to day. To me, today, it means this.

  • Stay home. Take care of my family and myself.
  • Lead our school to ensure continuity of an excellent education.
  • Promote community and connection - at Harbor and beyond - and do what I can to make sure our kids feel safe and secure.

I hope that you are all, also, finding your way in this new world. I wish you safety and health, and connection. Despite our social distance, we are in fact, all in this together.

With warmth and care,

Leah Musico

Head of School

The Harbor School

Harbor School