September 10, 2020

Dear Harbor Families,

I hope that after removing their masks at the end of the school day, your children reveal a big smile and happy descriptions of their day. We are seeing lots of smiling eyes throughout the day, and feelings of joy (and relief) for finally being together again. Yes, it feels different to interact from six feet apart, but it really feels wonderful to interact in person. 

Our first week was not without its bumps, but overall these first fews days went smoothly. Children learned new classroom routines, were outside regularly, and held Zoom morning meetings with students learning at school and at home! Teachers worked through hand washing schedules, traffic patterns, and arrival and dismissal routines. When a child became sick, we followed our plan, which hinged on quick action and transparent communication on everyone’s part.

Now that we’ve made it through the first week (almost), let’s take a look ahead to the rest of the school year. Our Health and Safety Plan highlights three priorities:

1. The Health and Safety of Students, Families, and Faculty/Staff 
Health and safety will remain our top priority throughout the school year. To maintain our diligence, we will make time for ongoing reflection, transparency, and collaboration between all of the adults in the community. Our task force continues to meet to monitor new research and community metrics and will continue to communicate. Thank you to each one of you for committing to safe and healthy practices in your own lives, which will make all the difference for all of us.

2. Inquiry-Based, Student-Centered Approach to Teaching, and Learning in the Academic, Social/Emotional, and Physical Realms
Just because our desks are in rows, rather than in clusters, doesn’t mean we are teaching in a traditional fashion! Students will continue to inquire, explore their own interests, and think critically. Our physical makerspace may not exist, but every classroom will be making, building, and creating this year! 

3. Authentic and Meaningful Relationships in an Inclusive Community
At Harbor, we care deeply for each other and take the time to really know one another! Community and grade level events will take place throughout the year in modified ways, including parent socials, family game nights, weekly bedtime stories, weekly parent coffees with Andrea and me, and more. Keep an eye on this weekly newsletter to learn more about upcoming events!

Thank you for entrusting your children’s education to us in this new world; we don’t take this responsibility lightly. We look forward to a wonderful school year together.


Harbor School