November 19, 2020

Dear Harbor Families,

In our school-wide mindful moment at this week’s morning meeting, Andrea Zuraf led us all in a moment of reflection focused on the concept of gratitude. She prompted the students and teachers to think about the people in their lives that they are grateful for, and suggested that maybe they would even feel our positive energy coming their way. So if you happened to feel a little warmth at around 11:15 on Wednesday morning, that explains it!

When I closed my eyes on Wednesday morning and listened to the sound of the mindfulness bell, I felt a rush of emotion. Personal friends, extended family, my husband and children. The Harbor community - every child, parent, and colleague. Our teachers, who give their all every day to ensure our kids are taken care of, happy, and learning. And that’s where my mind settled in those time-lapsed moments, facing a screen full of students and teachers, also with closed eyes and settled bodies, sitting together in their classrooms and in their homes.  

This year has brought so much pain and many challenges, for so many. And in a time of renewed uncertainty - with cases continuing to rise and an unknown trajectory for even the coming days - Andrea’s gift of a mindful moment reminded me of what matters most. 

Our Harbor community is strong, resilient, and adaptable - this is made clear every single day in the actions of our students and our teachers. Whatever may come, we will continue to make the most of each moment. 


Leah Musico
Head of School


Harbor School