February 25, 2021

Dear Harbor Families,

About this time last year, we only had an inkling of what might be coming. We just had our yearly 100th day celebration, Spiral was in full swing, and we were cruising through the year (so we thought).

Now, 100 school days into 2020-21, there is much to reflect on. With masks and distance, cohorts moving in and out of distance learning, nose swabbing, and Zoom, it’s a school year like no other. Yet, and incredibly, in many other ways it is still a typical year of learning at Harbor. Students are engaging in deep explorations (pun intended) of the Spiral theme, working on hands-on learning tasks at their level, solving design challenges, and celebrating special occasions as a community. Our Harbor kids are growing socially and emotionally and making progress in academic areas.

Our 100th day celebration yesterday, though reminiscent of those in past years, was particularly meaningful this year. The kids wore 100th day crowns and masks (the ones that go on your eyes!), counted and sorted collections of 100 items, did 100 exercises in our all school morning meeting, and even had a 100th day dance party! 

In a year when school is so challenging for so many, these 100 days of learning for our kids are a privilege and a gift. I, for one, am so grateful.


Leah Musico

Head of School


Harbor School