March 11, 2021

Dear Harbor Families,

This week, it has been just wonderful having families come into the building for the first time since we began in August! I hope you have shared in the delight of hearing your children talk about their inquiries into The World Underground, as they proudly describe their Spiral projects and learning. In many ways, it has felt similar to past year's Spiral Nights, just with fewer crowds!

Through participation in events like Spiral - and throughout each daily routine - thank you all for being so engaged with your children’s education and with us throughout the past seven months (seven months, hard to believe!). Today, we are asking that you take a moment to engage with us in a different way - by making a donation of any size to our annual fund.

The annual fund is an integral part of how independent schools function; it allows us to enhance our program with technology, additional materials for learning in academics and the arts, and experiences such as virtual field trips, to name a few. This year, the annual fund has also supported in-person learning through the purchase of PPE supplies as well as funding our weekly testing protocol, which would not have been possible otherwise.

Our faculty and staff has reached 100% participation in the annual fund. Think about that - every one of our teachers and administrators has given to the fund, many through a paycheck reduction. This demonstrates a level of commitment that is unmatched by other schools and holds the bar high for our community in giving! 

Between now and spring break, we are asking every family to please donate any amount to the fund. In recent years, we reached 92% (which is impressive compared to our peer schools). This year, please help us get to 100% participation! Not only does it send a strong message about the engagement from the community, participation from our parent community demonstrates a level of commitment which opens doors for the school with grants and additional funding, and is an important aspect of our ability to continue to thrive!

Giving is quick and simple - perhaps you can even do it next time you are in the afternoon car line waiting to pick up your child? Ways to give are listed below including donating on our website, with a check, or even simpler, Venmo us @The-Harbor-School. Every gift counts!

THANK YOU for supporting the school and your child's education in this way! 


Leah Musico

Head of School

Harbor School