April 15, 2021

Dear Harbor Families,

If you ask our second graders what is special about this month, they will proudly tell you that it’s Kindness Month at Harbor. After deciding to launch a campaign for kindness (and, of course, they have experience with campaigns after this fall), they have been working on posters, have led all school morning meetings for their peers, and are starting a school-wide kindness chain to recognize acts of kindness, both small and large.

This project, initiated by our second grade leaders, represents two important hallmarks of our Harbor program - our social emotional curriculum, and leadership opportunities for our students. In the coming months, you’ll likely hear about more of both - such as first grade bedtime story readers and buddy class gatherings. Students recognize their “zones” of regulation during class morning meetings, participate in outdoor weekly mindfulness and yoga classes, and have ongoing discussions about what makes a positive classroom community. We take the time to greet each other every morning, smile (with our eyes) as we walk past each other, and recognize when a friend needs some extra help or encouragement.

In last week’s all school morning meeting, our second graders reflected on the words “choose kindness” and talked about flexing “their kindness muscles”. We know that it takes practice, and intentionality, to create a culture of kindness, connection, and inclusivity - and it is worth the effort!


Leah Musico

Head of School

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