March 9, 2023

Dear Harbor Families, 

It’s been an exciting week for our third graders and their families! After a thorough outplacement process - which involved meetings in the fall with the teachers, Andrea, and me, followed by school tours, applications, student visits, teacher recommendations, and more, the third grade families received news of acceptances to independent schools on Friday!

Despite years of supporting families through this process in my administrator role, as a parent experiencing this process for the first time, I’ve been surprised at how emotional it is to move through! Like our fellow parents in the third grade, after a long process of exploring schools, Bill and I are faced with the challenging but fortunate position of making a decision about which school will be the very best fit for Emily. The good news is that there are several great options that cater to her unique learning profile, and the even better news is that she has grown and thrived at Harbor to put her in the very best position as she moves from our nurturing, safe Harbor into the “wider waters” ahead. 

As we do each year, Andrea, the third grade teachers, and I have stayed in close touch with our grade three families as they grapple with this important decision for their own children. Each family has a choice to make between now and next Friday, and is weighing the many factors that play into these decisions, which include both independent and public schools. The students are ready, because during their time at Harbor, each grade three child has developed into a confident, kind, and capable learner that independent schools are eager to accept. We are so proud of all of them!

Below is the list of schools that our grade three students were accepted into in case you are interested. Congratulations to the students! And, for those of you with students in younger grades, if you have any questions at all about the outplacement process for our grade three students, please feel free to reach out to Andrea or me for a discussion.

Warm regards,

Leah Musico
Head of School

Barnesville School
The Bullis School
Christ Episcopal School
Green Acres School
The Lab School
McLean School

Norwood School
The River School
St. Andrews Episcopal School
St. Bartholomew's School
Seneca Academy
The Siena School
Harbor School