September 14, 2023

Dear Harbor Families,

It’s hard to believe that we have only been back in school for seven days! In these first days and weeks, teachers are working to build routines, understand each child’s individual level across the curriculum, and establish meaningful relationships and classroom communities. With each structured day and intentionally planned classroom experience, teachers are laying the groundwork for a year of learning and growth for all.

Earlier this week, after one of my regular walks through the building and into classrooms, I returned to the front office and exclaimed to Nikki Sumpter and Andrea Zuraf, “What is happening in the classrooms is just magical!” It's true! After just a few days, students are moving through their days with confidence, connecting with others, following classroom routines and agreements (that they had a part in developing), and engaging in meaningful learning experiences. I wish you could all be a fly on the wall in our youngest class of two and three year olds, who have made the quickest adjustment from their first day until now. It is absolutely delightful to see our younger students engaging in their new learning routines as a group. I can say without reservation that these past two weeks are an affirmation that with excellent teachers, a carefully crafted program, and small classes - magic can happen!

Although you may have seen some of the school’s posts on social media (if you haven’t, do keep an eye on Instagram!), I am sure you are all eager to have a more personal window into the classroom to witness the magic for yourself.  With the first days behind us, teachers are preparing for more regular opportunities for parents to engage with the class experiences. Tomorrow, you will receive your first weekly grade level newsletter, explaining what students have been working on this week, along with questions you can ask your child to get them talking about school! 

At Back to School Night next Thursday, you will learn about other ways to stay connected to your child’s learning experience - including opportunities to volunteer, mechanisms for ongoing communication with teachers, and information about how to sign up for Seesaw (so you can see real-time photos and videos of your child at school). If you haven’t yet gotten a babysitter for next Thursday, you may want to take care of that now and make it a night out! It is sure to be a wonderful evening.

We look forward to seeing you very soon!


Leah Musico
Head of School
The Harbor School

Harbor School