March 14, 2024

Dear Harbor Families,

Tonight, we’ll gather as a community for Harbor’s Got Talent, a celebrated tradition at the school. Year after year, this event is a special experience for our school community. Children’s unique strengths are celebrated, and students have a sense of pride and build confidence in the process of preparing and presenting their talents!

Tonight we have a pretty incredible, and very unique, line-up of acts! We’ll see students  dance, sing, do magic tricks, deliver stand-up comedy sets, demonstrate martial arts, swim (on video), perform bottle flips, and demonstrate knowledge of geography - and many more exciting individual acts! This year, we have an exciting addition to the program! Our grades 2 and 3 students will be performing an original play sparked by their interests through our Spiral theme - entitled “The Titanic: The Sea Animals Save the Day!”. The students have rehearsed and are ready - and their adoring fans just can’t wait!

Like most things we do at Harbor, this event is intentional and mission-aligned. Think about the skills and dispositions that we foster through the talent show - executive functioning to plan and prepare an act,  perseverance in practicing for the performance, and confidence and positive risk-taking in performing on the big night! The diversity of acts and talents celebrates each child’s uniqueness, a core aspect of our mission. Our Harbor community has always valued social emotional learning as a core component of the learning experience, and Harbor’s Got Talent is one way this shows.

We hope to see you tonight at 6 PM, whether or not your child is performing. And great news for those who may not be able to attend in person, including extended family who live further away - we will be live streaming the event tonight! Just go to  www.harshalom.org/livestream to view the show!

Tomorrow morning, we are excited to host a new parent session at Harbor, presented by members of the DEI Committee. We hope you will join us at 9 AM in the Harbor library for a robust discussion of diversity in books - as we consider books that serve as mirrors to our own experiences and perspectives, as well as books that might be windows into new understandings or experiences. We look forward to coffee and conversation, as well as a chance to peruse the many books in our wonderful library!

See  you soon!


Leah Musico

Head of School

Harbor School