May 9, 2024

Dear Harbor Families,

The heart and soul of a school is its teachers. It’s an obvious sentiment, but one that isn’t recognized enough. I have often said that my most important job is hiring, and I am so proud of the team of educators we have here at Harbor. At Harbor, our teachers are highly knowledgeable about child development and teaching strategies, caring, warm, and professional, and dedicated to their profession. 

Throughout my 27 year career in education, when I share that I am a teacher with someone I’ve just met, I occasionally will get the response, “oh, you must be so patient”. I’ve always found that perspective interesting, as if teaching a class of students is like a chaotic kids’ birthday party (you know the kind, and I’ll admit, I’ve hosted them as a parent).  In teaching, patience is of course beneficial, but more important are the skills we hone in our craft to establish classroom communities, differentiate what and how we teach to each individual child, and understand each student’s developmental pathway in the academic, physical, and social/emotional realms. It is a profession that, when we hold ourselves to the high standards that we have at Harbor, is extremely challenging and highly rewarding.

Teacher Appreciation Week has been wonderful! Thank you to the HSPA and the Board of Trustees for taking such good care of the Harbor faculty and staff this week. Between breakfast on Tuesday, lunch yesterday, and cakes today, let’s just say that we haven't been hungry. :) 

Though each day has been special, Monday’s Flower Day is my personal favorite Teacher Appreciation Week gesture. It is heartwarming to watch each child proudly bring in a bouquet of flowers at the morning arrival, to see the hard work of the parent volunteers to lovingly create new bouquets for each member of the faculty and staff, and to witness the special moment when parents deliver bouquets to the teachers. The metaphor of this process, of each child and family contributing their part to make something beautiful and diverse, is “very Harbor”. 

Thank you for your efforts this week in appreciating what the teachers do each day! We are feeling the Harbor love!


Leah Musico
Head of School

Harbor School