Relocation FAQ

Who is leading the search for a new facility?

The Harbor School Board of Trustees has assembled a Search Committee with membership taking into account the core principles of ensuring inclusivity, a diversity of perspectives, and a strong range of skill sets. The ten-member Search Committee includes faculty, staff, trustees, and current parents. The Committee, in consultation with a commercial real estate broker, has the important role of identifying and visiting prospective properties, considering and weighing all options including rental properties, the purchase of properties that are move-in ready as well as those that may need to be retrofit to meet the needs of the school. The search committee will also benefit from the important perspectives of our community members that will be captured in a survey and through a listening session.

Is two years enough time?

Yes. The Board of Trustees is confident that two years will allow for a thorough search process and negotiation of the next location, and preparation of the next facility to welcome our students in September 2020. Preliminary searches have revealed that there are existing spaces that could potentially meet the needs of the Harbor School.

How will we fund it?

The Harbor School is in a strong position of having no debt, a strong record of clean audits, and a balanced budget. To ensure maximum flexibility, opportunity and the best financial position possible, Harbor does anticipate launching a Capital Campaign in the coming year.  

What options are we considering?

The Search Committee will consider all options, including other rental facilities, the purchase a property already outfitted for a school, and the purchase of a property that may need minor to significant renovations to meet the needs of The Harbor School.

Is buying our own building a possibility?

It is a possibility, but it is not the only option the Search Committee is considering. For smaller schools, rental options can sometimes allow for a much greater range of features such as larger grounds and large common spaces than a purchase might allow.

How can I contribute?

There are many ways our community members can contribute. Please share your priorities and perspectives in the survey and at the listening session. We encourage you to pass along any ideas, property ideas or connections you may have. It is worthy to note that often, many school relocations are heavily facilitated by connections stemming from current and alumni families.

How far away from our current location would we consider?

In order to be comprehensive, the search committee is considering an area extending a 10 mile radius out from Harbor, but are focusing our search within three miles of our current location. The question of location will be carefully weighed and measured against the ability of a property to meet the needs of the students.

How will I be kept informed of the process?

To ensure our community has access to the most up to date information on our search and next location, we will maintain current information on the website and send out updates to the community via our weekly newsletter, Harbor Highlights.

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